A Partner for the Lift Industry

Yaskawa has an impressive customer base and a wealth of experience in the field of lift applications. Countless systems move using core components produced by Yaskawa. You may not notice them at first glance. As an OEM, we offer our partners the option of models without Yaskawa branding. We provide numerous options to meet your requirements:

  • Drive packages consisting of synchronous motors and L1000A lift inverter drives
  • L1000V and L1000A inverter drives for modernizing lift systems
  • L1000H and Blain Hydraulics valves for hydraulic lifts
  • J1000 inverter for moving doors

Five Yaskawa solutions

Yaskawa offers solutions for numerous applications in the lift industry, from individual components for modernizations and new installations to ready-to-use package solutions.

1. Drive packages with the L1000A inverter and a lift motor

Coordinated package consisting of an inverter drive and a 16 or 20-pole lift motor for cable lifts designed for loads of 400 to 2500 kg.

2. L1000A universal inverter drive

The ideal inverter drive for precisely and efficiently controlling synchronous or induction motors inlift systems with or without gears.

3. Modernization kit with the L1000V

Its output range and functionality make the L1000V an affordable choice for modernizing lifts with machines that do not have speed feedback. In addition, it reduces the operating costs of lift systems while providing a smoother ride.

4. Package for hydraulic applications with the L1000H

An innovative new solution for demanding hydraulic lift applications. The combination of an L1000H inverter drive and an EV4 valve from Blain Hydraulics ensures a smooth ride and extraordinary energy efficiency.

5. Inverter drives for doors

In addition to simple vertical motion, Yaskawa inverter drives also efficiently and cost-effectively control a wide variety of motions.