SG Series

The robust MOTOMAN SG scara-robots feature a wide motion range due to compact design.

They are particularly suitable for application when high speed and accuracy is required, for example picking and packing, dispensing and feeding.

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MPL Series

The innovative MPL palletising robots are true masters of movement and are attractive due to their superior acceleration and exceptional axis speeds while requiring very little space for installation.

The MPL models have payloads ranging from 80 kg to 800 kg and working envelopes ranging from 2,061 mm to 3,159 mm.

The internally routed supply lines (four air lines and 22 electrical cables) extending up to the head joint provide for the highest possible hose package service life.

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MPP Series

The MOTOMAN MPP 4-axis high-speed robot with a parallel kinematic system combines the speed of the Delta design with a high payload capacity and a large working envelope. This robot was developed for order picking, high-speed picking and other handling applications and is primarily used in the food and solar industries.

The MPP models feature a maximum payload of 3 kg and a working envelope of 1,300 mm

Due to the high torque of the fourth axis, known as the wrist axis, the MOTOMAN MPP models are impressive because of their ability to move at unprecedented speeds.

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MPK Series

The MOTOMAN MPK high-speed robot provides superior performance for food handling, order picking, packaging and other high-speed handling applications—especially in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are extremely important.

The MPK models have payloads ranging from 2 kg to 5 kg and working envelopes from 900 mm to 1,893 mm.

Some models feature the IP67 code and are also wash-down ready.

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PL Series

The versatile and powerful MOTOMAN PL robots provide high performance in box palletising, case palletising and many further logistical tasks for end-of-line or distribution center automation.

Offering extensive reaches this robots also enable high palletizing loads. 

The interal wiring from the base to the U-axis maximizes system reliability.


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